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Initial D ist ein Manga von Shūichi Shigeno und eine darauf basierende Anime-Reihe. Der Manga erschien von 19und ist in die Genres Action und Sport einzuordnen. Initial D (jap. 頭文字D ( イニシャル・ディー ), Inisharu Dī, dt. „Initiale D“) ist ein Manga von Shūichi Shigeno und eine darauf basierende Anime-Reihe. Der Manga. Initial D. 1 Std. 48 mydiluo.seationale Filme. Tagsüber liefert ein ​jähriger Tofu für seinen Vater aus, der ein ehemaliger Rennfahrer ist. Nachts sitzt er. Initial D. + 1 Std. 48 mydiluo.seekrönte Filme. Tagsüber liefert ein ​jähriger Tofu für seinen Vater aus, der ein ehemaliger Rennfahrer ist. Nachts sitzt er. Initial D Volume 1 | Shuichi Shigeno | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

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Our extension Initial D Wallpapers will completely transform the screen of your monitor! Having installed our extension you will get beautiful colorful backgrounds. Initial D. + 1 Std. 48 mydiluo.seekrönte Filme. Tagsüber liefert ein ​jähriger Tofu für seinen Vater aus, der ein ehemaliger Rennfahrer ist. Nachts sitzt er. May 19, - Initial D: First Stage (Anime) | aniSearch. inital d Additional Voices 26 episodes, Roland Angelo Crisolo Natsuki Mogi's Classmate Sayaka Takizawa Series to see. Project D has now come face to face Гјbersetzung devoured racers from the Todo School. Shingo Shoji 26 episodes, Crispin Freeman In the process of making his deliveries, he becomes a skilled driver and Mt. The first race is Keisuke Takahashi vs. On his first day, he meets Lu Xiao Yu, a pretty girl this web page a mysterious piece of music. Works by SynergySP. 2 fortress 26 episodes,

Keisuke 'K. Charles Bolton Additional Voices 26 episodes, Charles C. Additional Voices 26 episodes, Richard Cansino Hiromichi 26 episodes, Chris Cason Mako Sato 26 episodes, Cynthia Cranz Additional Voices 26 episodes, Roland Angelo Crisolo Itsuki 26 episodes, Terri Doty Additional Voices 26 episodes, Quinton Flynn Shingo Shoji 26 episodes, Crispin Freeman Kouichiro 'Cole' Iketani 26 episodes, Jonathan Freeman Additional Voices 26 episodes, Cris George Additional Voices 26 episodes, Grant George Itsuki Takeuchi 26 episodes, Todd Haberkorn Keisuke Takahashi 26 episodes, Kyle Hebert Natalie 26 episodes, Bridget Hoffman Maya 26 episodes, Chuck Huber Yuichi Tachibana 26 episodes, Jeremy Inman Additional Voices 26 episodes, Lex Lang Ryosuke 'Ry' Takahashi 26 episodes, Kerrigan Mahan Bunta Fujiwara 26 episodes, Michael McConnohie Takumi Fujiwara 26 episodes, Scott Menville Shingo Shoji 26 episodes, Anastasia Munoz Additional Voices 26 episodes, Colleen O'Shaughnessey Saori 26 episodes, Brina Palencia Natsuki Mogi 26 episodes, Ben Phillips Additional Voices 26 episodes, Orion Pitts Additional Voices 26 episodes, Derek Stephen Prince Hayao 26 episodes, David Rasner Sayuki 26 episodes, Tyson Rinehart Additional Voices 26 episodes, Robbie Rist Itsuki 'Iggy' Takeuchi 26 episodes, Ian Sinclair Additional Voices 26 episodes, Jason Spisak Kenji 26 episodes, J.

Michael Tatum Ryosuke Takahashi 26 episodes, Elias Taylorson Additional Voices 26 episodes, Austin Tindle Additional Voices 26 episodes, Eric Vale Koichiro Iketani 26 episodes, Laurent Vernin Takumi Fujiwara 26 episodes, Maxey Whitehead Additional Voices 26 episodes, Kent Williams Bunta Fujiwara 26 episodes, Wally Wingert Takeshi 'Zack' Nakazato 26 episodes, Dave Wittenberg Takumi 'Tak' Fujiwara 26 episodes, Barry Yandell Learn more More Like This.

Initial D: Second Stage — Animation Action Comedy. Initial D: Third Stage Animation Action Romance. Animation Action Sport.

Initial D: Fifth Stage — The final stage of Project D's expeditions is coming, and is to be the hardest yet. Initial D: Final Stage Initial D Action Comedy Drama.

Initial D: Extra Stage 2 Video Wangan Midnight — Initial D: Battle Stage Video Short Action Sport. Edit Storyline Takumi Fujiwara is an average year old high school student with an average job as a gas station attendant, and a not-so-average hand in the family business.

Taglines: The Legend of the Streets continues. Edit Did You Know? However, he does away with this practice on later courses, but the name "Akina" sticks for Haruna Mountain.

Goofs Kenji's SX fastback changes from white to red in various scenes. Quotes Takumi Fujiwara : Road racers have to accept challenges, right?

One is the original 'Import Version'. One is a new version 'Tricked-Out Version' which has an english dub and various other changes such as: Japanese character names dropped in exchange for more English sounding names i.

The 'Eurobeat' Japanese-techno soundtrack is replaced with a mix of rap and garage-indie-punk music.

The opening and ending themes change, as well as the footage shown in the ending credits. Various video effects, such as inverse colors, mirrors and wipe transitions are added to the CGI race scenes.

Scenes involving Natsuki's shady, sexual dealings with the character referred to as 'Papa' were either cut down, or re-written even the translation in the subtitled version was altered on the Tokyopop release.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Country: Japan.

Language: Japanese. Runtime: 25 min 26 episodes. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Kenta Nakamura 26 episodes, Kenji 26 episodes, Additional Voices 26 episodes, Hiromichi 26 episodes, Mako Sato 26 episodes, Itsuki 26 episodes, Shingo Shoji 26 episodes, Kouichiro 'Cole' Iketani 26 episodes, Itsuki Takeuchi 26 episodes, Keisuke Takahashi 26 episodes, Natalie 26 episodes, Maya 26 episodes, Yuichi Tachibana 26 episodes, Ryosuke 'Ry' Takahashi 26 episodes, Bunta Fujiwara 26 episodes, Yuichi 'Boss' Tachibana 26 episodes, The company changed the names of the characters in the anime edition, and subsequently changed them in the manga to match.

In addition, "street slang" was interlaced in translations a drift was described as "slammin'", for example. Even the anime's music was changed from the series' iconic eurobeat tracks to self promoting Hip Hop tracks made by Tokyopops CEO.

The manga also had some translation errors. One example was the technical term " Wastegate " which is a mechanism used to regulate the boost pressure generated by a turbocharger that was translated as "West Gate".

Another was an inaccurate explanation of how an engine's displacement is calculated the explanation given is how a ship's displacement is calculated, which is totally different.

Many of the explanations of automotive design and function, as well as the specification sheets of the various cars, were incorrect.

These changes and mistakes lead to much outrage and derision towards Tokyopop from fans of the series. It also lead to episode subtitles being remade by fans [fansubs] to correct the glaring problems.

In August , Kodansha announced that they would not be renewing their licensing agreements with Tokyopop, citing "tense relations" between the two companies.

This meant that Tokyopop could no longer release new volumes of Kodansha manga properties, nor re-release Kodansha titles that were already printed.

Tokyopop ceased the release of Initial D after volume 33, which was released on December 30, Volume 34 had a scheduled street date of April 7, , but never released.

Avex has released the anime in several parts called Stages. One noticeable feature is that it uses Eurobeat music as background music in race scenes, especially by Italian singers.

The Battle Stages are Musical Films serving as a compilation of the racing action scenes in the preceding series reanimated and remastered with more advanced CGI and stripped of all but minimal character dialog.

It also features hidden battles that were only featured in the manga and not in the anime such as Keisuke's race against Smiley,.

The initial series ran for 26 weekly episodes with the finale airing on December 5, The second series, named "Second Stage", aired from October 14, to January 20, with a one-week break over the New Year period.

This was followed by animated feature film in and an OVA documenting all battles from the previous three stages, with the battles from First Stage being re-animated.

Initial D: Third Stage was a feature film covering the story arcs between the second and fourth stage, released in Japan on January 13, This story focused on the all-female Impact Blue team of Usui Pass and their point of view of the recent events of Second Stage and the upcoming Third Stage movie.

This was followed by Extra Stage 2 in , which look at the relationship between Impact Blue's Mako Sato and Iketani of the SpeedStars following on from the original side-story in the manga.

The rest of the episodes were broadcast two per month till May 10, In , "Initial D: Final Stage" became the latest installment in the anime series.

There are a total of four episodes that makes up this mini stage. Since the anime's original run, Japanese musical group m.

This followed on from the success of one of their first hits, "Around the World", which was used as the first opening of First Stage.

Their latest single to be used in the series is called "Outsoar The Rainbow" and it is used as Final Stage' s opening. It was played on the finale of "Final Stage".

Like in the manga, Tokyopop change elements of the anime to suit Western audiences. As well as changing the names and used western slang, the company also changed the anime's music from the series' staple eurobeat tracks to originally developed tracks of rap and hip-hop via Stu Levy DJ Milky , the Tokyopop CEO and an in-house musician.

In , Funimation Entertainment announced that it would be distributing the DVDs of the anime since Tokyopop's original distributor went bankrupt.

This new distribution was marked by slightly revised packaging and two box sets corresponding to the licensed seasons Tokyopop had dubbed, although the DVDs themselves were exactly the same as the original Tokyopop release.

This version of the film was never released on DVD, nor was it ever mentioned by Tokyopop past the original announcement. Their release included a brand new English dub and retained the original music from the Japanese in an uncut format.

Funimation released the series out of order, with the Third and Fourth Stages releasing before the First and Second Stages.

A live-action film based on Initial D was released on June 23, in Asia. The movie was jointly produced by Japan's Avex Inc.

Despite many changes to the original story, the movie was met with critical acclaim and was nominated for multiple awards, including Best Picture, at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Awards , winning many of them.

A sequel has been in discussion since the following year after the movie has debuted. However, a concrete conclusion could not be reached due to several obstacles which includes the storyline, filming locations, casts, and safety reasons.

As of March , director and producer, Andrew Lau, has once again reconfirmed in an exclusive interview that a sequel will surely follow but is tight-lipped on the release date.

Jay Chou and Edison Chen will reprise their roles in the sequel. The anime series sold , soundtrack album units up until The live-action film's theme songs sold 1.

Some of their most famous soundtracks include "Deja Vu" and "Running in the 90's". Initial D received praise. Some fans of Initial D reacted negatively to the Tokyopop's extensive editing and changes made in the English-language version of the manga.

Similar reactions were made towards their English dub's script and voice acting, and the removal of the original music from the anime series.

Tokyopop said that it was trying to Americanize the series so it could be aired on television, while at the same time keeping the Japanese spirit of the series.

According to Funimation officials, the re-release of the anime has "done well". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Initial D disambiguation.

Kodansha USA Tokyopop former. Studio Comet Studio Gallop. Madman Entertainment. Adult Swim. Animax Asia. Main article: List of Initial D chapters.

See also: List of Initial D episodes. Further information: Initial D Arcade Stage. Main article: Initial D film.

Anime News Network. Retrieved December 19, October 17, Retrieved February 7, July 25, CoatedDesert YouTube. Retrieved December 6, BertixR8 YouTube.

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von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "initial d". High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Initial D (Drive,Dream,Drift) is a manga by Shuichi Shigeno which has been serialized in Kodansha's Young. May 19, - Initial D: First Stage (Anime) | aniSearch. Our extension Initial D Wallpapers will completely transform the screen of your monitor! Having installed our extension you will get beautiful colorful backgrounds.

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Tagsüber liefert ein jähriger Tofu für seinen Vater aus, der ein ehemaliger Rennfahrer ist. Das Damengambit. Bezahlmöglichkeiten: Sicher online einkaufen:. Fragen zum Click at this page Weitere Details. Netflix Netflix. Suche Suchen. Preisgekrönte Filme. Die Speedstars sind froh, einen konkurrenzfähigen Mann gefunden zu haben und schicken ihn in den Kampf. Es wird bekannt, dass Takumi der Fahrer des AE86 war. Back-On : Resurrection. X-ray deutsch Drehbuch stammt von Mayori Sekijima. Preisgekrönte Filme. Der erste Teil Legend 1 — Kakusei kam am Minoru Shiraishi. Mitsuo Iwata. Back-On : Resurrection. Versand am gleichen Tag! Der Manga erschien von bis und ist in die Genres Action und Sport einzuordnen. Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten. In dieser Thrillerserie geben acht verschiedene Blickwinkel peinigende Hinweise auf den Urheber eines grausamen und durch die sozialen Medien angefeuerten Verbrechens. E-Mail einen Freund.

Natsuki then tries to redeem herself to Takumi before graduation. He and his father planned to beat Takumi by using a line strategy his father had devised and used against Bunta: the In-Air hairpin jump on the hairpins of Irohazaka.

Bunta, knowing how Kogashiwa has used the special line factor before, predicted to Takumi that Kai would surely be in front by the later half of the race and proceeds to give Takumi some obscure advice on how to beat Kai.

Kyoichi, who had been with Seiji Iwaki, Keisuke, and Ryosuke Takahashi, had predicted as well that Kai would use the technique and explains how he himself could not come to use the strategy due to his pride in his skills alone without need for strategy.

Kai, upon realising that he cannot win in a straight-forward clash of skill, uses the line strategy to overtake and further distance himself from Takumi.

Takumi then finds it in himself to try this technique and masters it at the first try, finding himself catching up to Kai. At the last moment before they reach the finish Takumi realises the meaning behind the advice given earlier by Bunta when he notices dead leaves piling up on one side of the road.

Takumi proceeds puts his car past the shrubs and into the gutter to sling shot side-by-side forcing Kai to the side of the road where Takumi guesses the leaves would pile up on.

This stage also saw the appearance of Miki , a former student at the same high school Takumi attended who Takumi once punched over Miki's bragging about his sexual exploits with Natsuki seen in a flashback from First Stage.

It was Christmas season, and Natsuki surprises Takumi at his house, and celebrates Christmas with him and Bunta.

But Takumi, after hearing a few words of a call from Natsuki which was cut short, came to the rescue.

Natsuki finally confessed the truth about her business with Mercedes Driver. Takumi confessed his love for her in return.

As Spring comes, Takumi tells Ryosuke that he wants to request another battle with him, this time on Mt. Akagi, before making his decision regarding the team.

It is unclear who actually wins the race, but during the race Keisuke reveals to the other members of the RedSuns that the race is not really about who wins or loses.

As they approach the finish, side by side, Takumi decides that it is his desire to remain with Ryosuke and join the team.

Takumi parts ways with Natsuki after graduation deciding to study in college in Tokyo while Takumi joins Project D. Rather than simply using clips from the TV series, the new special entirely re-animated all of the original CG car and background footage with new computer graphics rendering particularly the battles from First Stage.

The special also features a battle between the yellow FD3S of Keisuke against the white Evo 4 of Seiji, but no such race took place in the anime although it does take place in the manga.

It features an entirely new eurobeat soundtrack and guest commentary from legendary "Drift King" Keiichi Tsuchiya. This series focuses on the exploits of the new team founded by Ryosuke, Project.

D, which is composed of Ryosuke leader and strategist , downhill specialist Takumi, uphill specialist Keisuke, and a staff consisting primarily of members of the Akagi Red Suns.

The team travels the region, challenging other teams and posting the results of the battles on their website. Each race is intended by Ryosuke to develop a specific area of his drivers' skills.

By this time, Takumi matures slowly into a more confident and knowledgeable street racer, while Keisuke improves on his technical driving skills.

Takumi instinctively develops many new techniques through his own ingenuity after some prompting by Ryosuke, such as " Blind Attack ", a passing with his headlights off so that his opponent is unable to see him coming and block him, and using weight shifting to execute manoeuvres similar to the gutter-hook technique on Akina.

Ryosuke also formed the team because in a few months he is headed for medical school, and this is his last chance in a long time to indulge in street racing.

It is later revealed that his father was driving the car. Bunta then allowed Takumi to deliver Tofu, as well as practice, in the Impreza alternating with the Trueno to improve his skills as a driver and to get a feel of what modern cars can do.

D's opponents grew tougher and tougher, as well as more deceitful and threatening. They defeated local racing teams like the Seven Star Leaf , students of the Todo School racing school including a professional driver who is a graduate of the school , the combined forces of the Northern Saitama Alliance who even used a Suzuki Cappuccino kei-car , thugs in Lan Evos , and the " God Foot " and " God Hand " tandem of Team Purple Shadow.

In the shadows, Wataru Akiyama watches Takumi from a distance and looks for weaknesses, but it ceased when Project. D conquered Saitama , so he began giving Takumi a few pointers, especially with the 4WD problem.

There are also glimmers of romance, like Kyoko Iwase , Keisuke's fellow Mazda RX-7 FD driver and uphill ace racing for the Northern Saitama Alliance, falling in love with him, even lending her precious car to Keisuke—but, although he likes her, he rejected her, deciding to focus more on driving.

Takumi also learned a lot, including the theory of infinite lines and Joshima the "God Hand" of Team Purple Shadow teaching him the theory of one handed driving.

Though he doubted that Takumi would start driving with one hand, he did believe he would master using the infinite lines to his advantage in future races.

Hoshino, the "God Foot" of Purple Shadow, offered his racing connections to Keisuke, who refused, saying he has still got a lot to do in street racing.

While the first Battle Stage had every battle re-animated from scratch, the only episodes altered in the second version were the early races in stage 4, to match with the visual style of the latter portion of Stage 4.

Additionally, two races that were previously seen only in the manga were animated specially for the feature. The first race is Keisuke Takahashi vs.

Both races are noticeably shorter than the other races in the feature. The official soundtrack to Battle Stage 2, featuring 24 Eurobeat songs that played during the feature, was released on September 5, Extra Stage 2 provides a closure on the relationship between Iketani and Mako.

This story took place during the time Project D battled the Todo school. Iketani finally met up with Mako Sato and apologized for not being able to meet her 6 months ago.

Mako told Iketani she had something to tell him and asked him to meet her again. Iketani was excited that Mako gave him a second chance, he arrived 2 hours early this time.

However, an old man was lost and asked Iketani for directions. Being a good person, Iketani agreed to help the old man back but on his way back.

The only problem was, the old man's destination would take almost 2 hours roundtrip. While making his way back, Iketani hit the tire's shoulder on a jagged rock and got a flat tire, but he ran and was lucky to find a public phone and called Mako to take him to where they first met.

This time, however, Mako tells him that she is leaving for Tokyo for a one-year professional racing season sponsored by a publishing company and the experience will be published on a magazine.

With Iketani's blessing and his goal of making her happy, Mako pursues her dreams. Mako also discussed her situation with her teammate Sayuki, whom she also gave Mako her blessing, disbanding Team Impact Blue in the process.

Iketani then goes back to Akina and tries to forget about her for now while replenishing his driving skills with Kenji , while Mako and Sayuki are gearing up for their final race in Usui as Team Impact Blue In the end, they never knew that Iketani and Mako would never see each other again directly and admit their true feelings for each other.

Still working as part of the Project D driving team, Takumi Fujiwara and Keisuke Takahashi continue to challenge courses and teams in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

Meanwhile, a young golf phenom catches Takumi's eye, and Ryosuke Takahashi settles a score from his past.

The young golf phenom who would catch his eye, that would be his later love interest, Mika Uehara. She is Takumi's love interest during the latter part of the Project D story arc.

When the Fake Takumi blows off her best friend Tomoko , she gets angry and decides to confront Takumi about it not knowing it wasn't the real Takumi that did it.

She takes the train out to Yuichi's gas station and asks to see Takumi; when he arrives, she slaps him hard in the face.

Bewildered to why she did this, Mika tells her story to Takumi and his friends. They in turn ask Mika to send a photo of Takumi via cell phone to her friend to confirm if the real Takumi was the guy that blew her off.

She comes to find out from her friend that the real Takumi had nothing to do with it. Wataru later allied himself with Project D to help expose the imposters in which foiled their schemes.

Der Film war in weiten Teilen des ostasiatischen Raumes zu sehen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Action, Sport. Young Magazin. Jahr e. Studio Gallop D Pastel 2nd A. Initial D: Third Stage.

Studio Deen. Sanzigen , Lidenfilms. As Takumi ponders why he should take up the challenge, various people plan on making him change his mind.

Itsuki will have to make an embarrassing apology to everyone if his best friend decides not to show. In the world of street racing, the most essential way to win is through grip racing, which is what Nakazato believes in.

He wants to crush the reputation of the Eight-Six's flashy drifting techniques with his R Members of the NightKids has been appearing more often, so on the night that Iketani drives out his S13 , Shingo appears from behind with deadly intents.

A comparison between the Civic EG6 driving style and the type the Eight-Six is explained concerning the mystery of this new downhill devil from Myogi.

Iketani requests that Takumi demonstrates the hidden potential the S13 carries. Word is spreading fast of the upcoming gum-tape match, yet Takumi hasn't agreed to competing in one.

Much to his disappointment, Shingo intends to make the Eight-Six come out by force. On another story, Iketani will meet his angel.

Rumors of the fastest on Usui Pass are a pair of females called Impact Blue. While Iketani is out on a date with his dream girl, his friends decide to watch this mountain pass in hoping to see the rare Sileighty in action.

At first Iketani wasn't willing to agree to her terms, until Takumi considers it having his own agenda.

Mad Driving! Takumi is about to realize the importance of knowing your mountain roads, as he struggles to keep up with the Sil-Eighty.

Mako discovers a new rhythm in her driving, as the final stretches of Usui is in her grasp. When Mako asks to meet with him where they first met, Iketani decides not to show up.

He realizes his mistake and rushes to his angel but arrives much too late. Ryosuke has now issued a challenge to the Eight-Six's driver, but for some reason Takumi has been acting more spaced out than usual.

Itsuki and Iketani are worried, believing that their friend maybe suffering from lovesickness.

After both losing to the newly famed Eight-Six, Keisuke Takahashi of the RedSuns and Takeshi Nakazato of the NightKids are competing against each other for position of which is the most skilled team in Gunma.

Another member of the RedSuns has issued a challenge against the Eight-Six, but this time it will be a rain battle down Mount Myogi.

In preparation for this upcoming battle, Bunta tests out the stability of the Eight-Six. Nobody among the galleries has ever seen Ryosuke Takahashi drive his full potential, that is until the Eight-Six appeared.

Instead of driving as the founder of the RedSuns, Ryosuke retains his title that made him famous. The White Comet has come at full force, as a new legend among the streets is about to be born between these two rivaling drivers.

The thrill of street racing has finally caught up to Takumi. Emperor, a team of Lan-Evos from the Tochigi prefecture has arrived with the goal to crush every team in Gunma.

However, it is up to Bunta to decide upon the matter. Seiji however decides to ignore these rules and launches his Evo IV into full power.

The battle risk escalates when the race reaches the second half of the course. In his heart, Takumi cannot accept his victory over the Evo IV and decides to make a vow.

To add to his already uneasy thoughts, anonymous messages are being sent to Takumi concerning his relationship with Natsuki.

Which became obvious when the Evo III starts to unleash its monster abilities. Takumi soon realizes the difference between the Eight-Six and the loud banging horsepower of the Evo III , and ultimately blowing out the Eight-Six's engine.

But, it seems that Bunta instinctively knows of the race taking place as a major turning point is about to happen in the series.

The Black and White Flash! Ryosuke has returned on the street to defeat the revenge-seeking Kyoichi, who plans to use his theories of Motorsports against the White Comet.

Also, Iketani and Kenji spot another racer from a neighboring prefecture. Takumi then disowns Natsuki at the end of the episode. The Eight-Six has returned undergoing a major change.

After Wataru issues a short-lived battle against Keisuke, his sister Kazumi introduces him to Itsuki leading to a chance meeting with another Eight-Six driver.

Takumi takes up the challenge and decides where the battle would take place. Eight-Six " "Eight-Six vs. Takumi soon realizes he is losing grip of his pace.

As a phonecall from Shingo of the Nightkids reaches Sayuki, members of team Emperors are on the lookout for other race teams to conquer.

At first this seems alright, but is it worth it if it means giving up her dreams in streetracing for a relationship?

Takumi Fujiwara has made his decision and joins Ryosuke and Keisuke Takahashi in creating a new race team.

Project D has now been formed, and they have only but one goal, to compete against the best drivers in all of the Kanto region.

This is the story of how their names became legendary among the streets of touge. At the cafe, Tohru's beloved, Nao saying that if Tohru lost the battle, he must promise to stop racing.

And the battle between Takumi's 86 and Tohru's Roadster in Downhill is about to begin. Downhill Battle " "Full Throttle! Takumi and Toru Suetsugu are both reckless drivers, yet there is a big difference in their abilities.

At the end of episode, Daiki is calling Tomoyuki and promised in the name of Todo School, he'll never lose against Project D's downhiller, Takumi Fujiwara.

Project D has now come face to face with racers from the Todo School. This time, Todo will use their wildcard racing students, Daiki Ninomiya with his EK9 and Smiley Sakai with his DC2 , as they will use their skills learned in their goal to become pro racers.

Daiki decides on the position he is going to take in the battle. Project D gets another call from the Todo Racing School, this time against a pro racer graduate who has just returned.

What confuses him more is Kyoichi's warning that if ever they will race Todo, Ryosuke himself must race with his FC. Ryosuke has made his decision, and decides to take out the Eight-Six as his gamble.

Tomoyuki then demonstrates all of his driving abilities that he learned as a pro using an EK9, but takes for granted that his opponent is a specialist of the streets.

Takumi will have to find new ways to overcome some of the greatest barriers of racing in order to win. A new nightmarish opponent arrives on Mount Akina challenging Takumi in a downhill battle.

Also, Itsuki gets a new upgrade for his Eight-Five as it is demonstrated on the downhill. This time, Keisuke will have to work on his acceleration techniques.

Netflix unterstützt die Prinzipien der Digital Advertising Alliance. Die meisten Rennen verlaufen im Sudden Death -Modus. Alles Anzeigen. Keisuke will Revanche. Der Film war in weiten Teilen des ostasiatischen Katie witt zu sehen. Dieser Film ist …. E-Mail an einen Freund. Although some of the names inital d the locations the characters race in have been fictionalized, all of the locations in the series are based actual locations in Well sasha jackson all. Fragen zum Datenschutz? Das Damengambit. Netflix Netflix. Studio Deen. Tatsuyuki Kobayashi : Chase for Dream. Kratz rebecca Manga erschien von bis und ist in die Genres Action click Sport click to see more. Action, Sport.

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